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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Encounters Comic Strips

Over the last few days. In the snow. I have been working on my random little snippets of life which I like to call 'Encounters' sometimes when I'm day/night dreaming. I have ideas about scenes that don't really fit in anywhere. Some make some sense, some don't. I enjoy creating these things because it reminds me of that feeling, when your passing people on the street and hear a sentence or two. It's like a tiny glimpse in to another life another story, that you will probably never see them again. It's kinda beautiful.

Anyway here's a couple. One is very depressing.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Stuffdates January

Recently I have jumping more into the digital band wagon and been searching out new techniques especially for 'Paint Tool SAI' My weapon of choice. The reason I like SAI is because it's very lightweight and simple. It's just a very basic painting program and doesn't try to be anything else. Also handles with low mem machines and tablets nicely. I do use Adobe Packages still, who doesn't? their awesome!

First up been looking at values with this old man. I took quite a while on this one, I did a lot of it in double resolution so when i scale it down it looks nice and sharp.

 This is one was blast from the past. This is the technique I used to use a lot in the old days. I feel it's a bit too rigid these days too tight and formulaic, which is not how I like to work anymore.

This is the direction, I've been into lately. Loose brushes and abusing overlay layer effect. Lots of room for experimentation so I will be having lots of fun with this.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Camel Leather Book

This year for Christmas I received a leather bound book from one of my sisters. The book is made of camel leather, as you can see it has a sort of googly eye looking object embedded in the middle, which is in fact a precious stone(not sure what sort.) The pages are really weighty and hairy which feels really peculiar to draw on. The book is also a very small A6, which is something I'm not used to drawing into. This should be a new and interesting experience, and will be good for when i'm out and about.