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Monday, 24 December 2012

Phil Kiddys Cover

Most recently finished is my cover for Jesse Perretts 'Phil kiddies' A spoof detective novel with surreal elements. I thoroughly enjoyed this project. My client really liked the final outcome though i was a little skeptical. He asked for a minimal cover with a figure (preferably the detective himself) he also wanted the inclusion of a canine side-kick.
This was my first mock.

And this is how it turned out in the end::

In the end I really wanted to express the street lamp look but not too obviously, I used a gradient for a subtle representation of this. For the figure I went for a hard shadow, I used some reference to get the shadows in the right place. The dog was a  merging of several reverence shots that I actually went out in the street and set up my self.

YarnStorm Event

As I went for a stroll around town I came across this interesting little display.

This was the work lovely work of some people from PSAZZ. Which is a support group for those with Psoriatic Arthritis. The piece which I have found to be called 'Yarmstorm' is a great exuberant contrast to usual city life, it very much brings attention to the building and lulls you in to take a closer look.

What I find very inspiring about this is how colourful it is, it instantly brightens your spirits and is used to a good effect (not too over powering). What I also like is how thin threads connect each little creations into one piece, tying it all together. This has given me lots of ideas for the project i'm working on now which is about peace and positivism.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Koi No Yokan

Deftones, One of my oldest favourites have now released an album! Their seventh one so far. Its definitely different from the others. The overall feeling is darker and more solemn. As I listened to the other albums again getting back into the Deftones mood, I realised they are all similar obviously the same band, but also very different. Each album has its own sound, the way the instruments are played, or the theme of the lyrics. In this one the sound of Chino's voice is very different, clearer. There's also some really old drum loops I could hear in there.
I find this a great quality. In a lot bands I listen to they either go completely different, or exactly the same. It certainly hard to change your style and be recognizable that's what I appreciate most about Deftones, and why they will forever be one of my favourites. 
I think the best track has got to be 'Rosemary' great mix between calm and chaotic with a really nice bass line. Great to draw to as well.