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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Joshua Middleton
    Supergirl Galore

Middleton started his career as penciler for CrossGens 'Meridian' and has since gone on to do great things, such as win the Eisner Award for 'Best Cover Artist' with his work NYX, X-Men Unlimited and New Mutants. He has also gotten work with giants Marvel, DC, Disney and Warner Brothers.

The reason for his impressive references is his portfolio. There is no doubt he can create whimsical scenes as well as fiery concepts. His style is sunny, light, cartoon-like yet not. It does have a playful surreal feel do it. I think he realizes the trick is not to be as realistic as possible, but to exacerbate the imagination.

You Can Find More of Middletons Work At

Monday, 12 March 2012

Sellouts :: Comic Project

Hello! Been very busy drawing up this 5-page preview for 'The Sellouts'

The Sellouts is written by Jesse Perrett
and is about the journey of an awkward individual (Norman) and a cynical drifter (Ruby).
Their adventure is full of mysterious and bizarre happenings, filled with philosophical and humorous elements.

Note: The artwork of these pages and the pages thereafter are of different styles purposefully.